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In the first of a series of articles on the increasing trend of corporates working with startups we will take a look at the benefits as to why these two seemingly different types of companies may actually be well suited to working with each other.  Many startups are rightly concerned about issues that could arise […]

A well-crafted business strategy is crucial to the success of any organization. It lays out a clear plan of action for achieving the company’s objectives and goals, and it helps ensure that all efforts and resources are directed towards those goals. An effective business strategy must be tailored to the specific needs and challenges of […]

The rise of video-on-demand (VOD) platforms has had a significant impact on the media industry in recent years. With the proliferation of these platforms, the traditional power dynamics between studios and linear television networks have shifted towards online platforms. This shift is due in part to the unique advantages offered by VOD platforms, such as […]

In the ever-changing world of business, it is essential for companies to be proactive and anticipate future challenges. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to formulate strategies to address these issues and take advantage of emerging opportunities in the market. Whilst there are many challenges facing business, some of which are specific to certain industries, […]

The increasing popularity of no-code development is facilitating the creation of business-focused applications by non-traditional DevOps teams, whether for web apps, mobile apps, or interactive websites. With this in mind, security should be front and centre for no-code-developed business applications. If you have experience working on application projects that involve sensitive customer or business data, […]

Strategy in marketing is important in driving effective marketing as it places the marketing efforts at the heart of the overall business’s long-term strategic aspirations. Yet it’s surprising how often the marketing team overlook the importance of aligning their efforts with the strategic focus of the business and instead perceives the marketing in a silo […]

Strategy in marketing is essential in driving effective marketing as it places the marketing efforts at the heart of the overall business’s long-term strategic aspirations. In continuation of the last article, here you will find the final challenge faced in order to ensure marketing efforts create long-term strategic value,  as well as insights on data […]

What is a customer health score?  A Customer Health Score (CHS) acts as a customer sentiment indicator, helping organisations to measure a customer’s perceived value of their products and services. A well-designed a customer health score will be made up of multiple data points, leveraging indicators which help to determine the perceived value, which in […]

What is a Net Promoter Score? And how can it be used to help businesses? The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric as developed in 1993 by Fred Reichheld, the founder of Bain & Company’s Loyalty practice, as a way to predicting customer purchase and referral behaviour. NPS is founded on an understanding that […]