Top Five Strategic Issues Facing Businesses Today

In the ever-changing world of business, it is essential for companies to be proactive and anticipate future challenges. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to formulate strategies to address these issues and take advantage of emerging opportunities in the market. Whilst there are many challenges facing business, some of which are specific to certain industries, […]

The increasing popularity of no-code development is facilitating the creation of business-focused applications by non-traditional DevOps teams, whether for web apps, mobile apps, or interactive websites. With this in mind, security should be front and centre for no-code-developed business applications. If you have experience working on application projects that involve sensitive customer or business data, […]

Strategy in marketing is important in driving effective marketing as it places the marketing efforts at the heart of the overall business’s long-term strategic aspirations. Yet it’s surprising how often the marketing team overlook the importance of aligning their efforts with the strategic focus of the business and instead perceives the marketing in a silo […]

Strategy in marketing is essential in driving effective marketing as it places the marketing efforts at the heart of the overall business’s long-term strategic aspirations. In continuation of the last article, here you will find the final challenge faced in order to ensure marketing efforts create long-term strategic value,  as well as insights on data […]

What is a customer health score?  A Customer Health Score (CHS) acts as a customer sentiment indicator, helping organisations to measure a customer’s perceived value of their products and services. A well-designed a customer health score will be made up of multiple data points, leveraging indicators which help to determine the perceived value, which in […]

Over the years and across the world we have seen privacy regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) come into play, strengthening privacy rights by enforcing obligations onto businesses that collect customer data. In Australia, the Privacy Act 1988 imposes similar obligations to APP Entities defined on the OAIC website. In general, APP Entities […]

You would not normally assume that corporate governance can play an important role in innovation, after all corporate governance is about risk mitigation whilst innovation is all about encouraging risk in order to stimulate new ideas. The two would, therefore, seem to be in conflict with each other. However, this isn’t the case and in […]

The Australian government’s 2021-22 Federal Budget announcement on Tuesday 11 May 2021, included a $1.2 billion investment that will be spent on its new Digital Economy Strategy. This is one of the most significant Government announcements in recent years and could have a profound impact on stimulating innovation in Australia.  There is little doubt that […]